Making A Garage Into A Room

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Turn the space into a pleasant living area by adding both plants and décor. A popular option is to plant a vine by a shed porch or wall so that it will eventually climb up nearby surfaces and make the shed look like a proper part of your garden. Indoor plants will also help keep the air fresh and add a little greenery to your new room.

The costs for converting a garage into a room would normally be twice to three times less than those for completing any other extension project. Increased property value. Creating an additional living space will not only extend the living area. It will also significantly increase the market value of the property.

The first step to turning the garage into a bedroom is to investigate your town or city's permit requirements. Some places require you to obtain permission before any type of home construction can begin. Even for a job that is relatively simple, paperwork can be necessary.

Furnish the garage with necessary items in lightweight, versatile pieces. Use a futon from another room or an air mattress. Use a side table as a nightstand or borrow one from a bedroom within the home. Add a chair and fold-away clothes rod to make the space more comfortable.

Designer Lucie Ayres of 22 Interiors converted this garage into a playroom that can be used in any weather — and by kids of any age. The desk along the wall is perfect for arts and crafts, homework — or a parent who wants to keep an eye on what's going on while catching up on emails.

Do research and make a budget for the theme you're going for. Browse furniture online. For my space, I went with furniture I already had, a sofa set from Ashley Furniture and Expedit items from Ikea. How to Transform a Garage Into a Living Space on a Budget Create a new living space for

Garage Conversion, The Wirral - TidySite
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