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Head lice are resilient creatures, which can survive even in chlorinated water. If you learn a swimmer in your pool had head lice, don't panic. The fact is that lice enter a state of stasis when submerged in water, and their instinct is to cling to the hair they are on when they enter the water.

Can you catch head lice from headphones or helmets? Can I catch head lice from laying on mattresses at a mattress store when I was shopping for one? Can you catch head lice from cars, pillows or furniture? Can head lice live in and/or spread via indoor swimming pool? When can a child go into a swimming pool after having head lice?

Head lice are unlikely to be spread through the use of swimming pools. Head lice survive by holding onto hair, and, although pool chlorine levels do not kill lice, the lice are not likely to let go when a person's head goes under water.

Head lice are a common condition and transfer relatively easy from head to head. When an individual with head lice swims in a public or private pool and other people are swimming in the same pool there is a risk of transference. The good news is that this risk is quite low. Head Lice In Swimming Pools FAQ's

1 doctor agreed: Lice Don't Swim: Head lice live only on human beings. Can be spread quickly by using the hat, comb, or towel of infected person or by close contact. May crawl or fall onto clothing, bedding, towels, furniture, pool. Don't survive off body >24hr. Anyone can get lice despite frequent hairwashing.

ITS un likely lice can be transmitted to your pool ! Since lice survive by holding to the hair and not likely to let go while child is swimming. Its very Rare to find them in the pool, the eggs if

kids in pool - Google Search Swim Meet Photo Ideas Pinterest London activities, Kids
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